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Payoneer seeking private confidential client information from me - This is RIDICULOUS

ivan74 Member Posts: 6

My story short. I have Payoneer account from long time and PayPal account (from about 3 years).
Both were linked from the beginning.
Recently I did some freelance (web design) work for a client of mine (new client introduced to me by old client). I received my money on PayPal and decided to transfer them to my Payoneer account.
(just before a month ago I transferred $10 from another client for a small service without any issue).

Today I found that my money (from PayPal) are put on hold. And I have an email from Payoneer to provide PayPal screenshots and so on. I contacted Payoneer Live chat 2 times and I did my best to solve the question as fast as possible (by providing as much information as possible). I was suggested to reply to the email. I did it, explained the whole situation, provided two screenshots from PayPal.
What I received after that?
"Reference Number: 150407-001310

Dear Ivan Petkov,
Response (04/07/2015 10:33 AM)
Thank you for your email.

Please explain how your customers find your services online and provide us with a link to your website if applicable.
Additionally, please provide us with email correspondences or any additional information that may help us establish your line of business.


Payoneer Payment Department

Date Create: 04/07/2015 04:58 AM
Date Last Updated: 04/07/2015 10:33 AM

OMG Payoneer are you out of your mind? Do you know that in my country and in European Union (I believe in US too) it is strictly prohibited to share private clients data and information. At least in my country they could sue you for it.

This is what I replayed:
"Dear Ira,

First of all email correspondences between me and my clients are strictly confidential and private. Bulgaria is in European Union and I am required to keep my clients information private ( in my country we should send a special document to our government, that I will keep my clients data private). Is it an attempt from your side (Payoneer) to try to convince me to break my country (Bulgaria) and European Union rules and regulation?
Please note that Email correspondences here are official documents and they can be used in the court.
I am a well established web designer in my country with over 10 years of experience. I rarely use Payoneer and PayPal, because most of my clients are local. But I also have some clients from USA, Canada, UK, France, Slovakia and so on countries.
I was introduced to the client by another old client of mine. My business is small, but I have wide base of old clients and from time to time they refer new clients to me.

I also believe that asking for clients information (private emails, phone number, data) is strictly prohibited in USA too. I sent you two screenshots from my PayPal account (as it was required by you). If you need additional information feel free to contact PayPal.
I also contacted (only today) two times your Live Chat and I (pay attention on it) - I contacted them in order to fix that issue for me.
On top of that your stuff disabled my Payoneer USA Account at first for no reason. Because I was about to receive a payment from Zmedia but on my Payoneer card (it is allowed and Zmedia is your partner), NOT on my US SERVICE ACCOUNT.
Second Commision Junction (CJ) never support PayPal as their payment method. They are two complete separate companies.
I found a thread on your board were your moderator clearly stated that we are allowed to receive payments from PayPal on both Payoneer MasterCard and Payoneer US Service.
Even in your support FAQ it is clearly written that I can receive money from PayPal: (It is written on your website, it can't be against your TOS).

Once again asking for private confidential information is strictly prohibited by my country and European Union. I already shared enough information with you via two PayPal screenshots.
I contacted your support 2 times. It is clean that I want this problem solved and I am willing to help you, as much as I can.

Best regards,

Please Payoneer control your staff because they act really stupid sometimes and I still can't believe that they asked me for such private information. Maybe next time you will ask me to sell you my clients email database, address and business information? How can it be possible to send me emails with such personal questions?


  • jad152
    jad152 Member Posts: 3
    Reading all these problems with Payoneer is freaking me out. They have my money for 2 weeks now and refuse to post it to my account. they keep asking for additional Amazon information. Why should we continue to use payoneer?
  • Madbunny
    Madbunny Member Posts: 37 ✭✭
    @ivan74 This is not acceptable. I'm from EU and you are right when it comes to share private client informations. Almost all my contracts with clients contain a NDA and by sharing any details even the payment it would put me on the "nice" spot to be sued.
    I often come to the conclusion that my brain has too many tabs open.
  • januar
    januar Member Posts: 3
    Why Payoneer need it?
  • armujahid
    armujahid Member Posts: 10 ✭✭

    I am facing same issue. I rarely use payoneer and therefore can't provide this info
    "Submit email correspondence or a chat transcript with your client showing the service agreement and files being shared (proof of delivery), as well as your client’s acknowledgement of and satisfaction with the services provided. Please make sure the correspondence shows a clear connection between the Payoneer account holder and the actual payer, including the name and either phone number and email address of both parties."

    This is ridiculous. My account is 8 years old. I don't know why they require this info.

  • Hannah_Payoneer
    Hannah_Payoneer Confirm Email, Member Posts: 449 ✭✭✭

    hello @armujahid

    As a regulated US company and online service, Payoneer must comply with the rules and regulations imposed by the US government, MasterCard®, and our banks. In doing so, Payoneer account holders may be required to submit specific documentation that will assist us in ensuring the safety and security of all transactions done via Payoneer.

    Please note that we strictly comply with KYC, OFAC, AML, and the requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), and we are also certified at a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level 1 Data Security Standard.

    Payoneer's core obligations are to protect its clients' funds and prevent money laundering.