Applied 10 days ago & Sent my Documents the same day, still no answer back



I've applied for the Payoneer card via the Payoneer website (Payoneer-Affiliates) around 10 days ago and got an e-mail to send a government issued card. I sent my ID using the Web Form and got redirected to "Documents Uploaded", but there was no answer for 7 days. I also messaged Nissim to his e-mail to see is everything fine with the ticket number (found his mail on this forum), but no reply and 7 days ago i replied to the e-mail to see if my documents were received by Payoneer, but still no answer.


I am really worried about this issue and i can't wait to get my Payoneer card and connect it to websites who use Payoneer like 2checkout, Clickbank, Fiverr, oDesk, etc.

Could you guys please help me? If you need anything else from my side, let me know. Thanks in advance and sorry for bothering.







Additional details:

-Reference number: LTK12129071178972X (just replied to this email)

-Reference number i got when i applied (the first e-mail) Your reference number in our system is 2193959. 
Please refer to this number when contacting us regarding your application.

-Steps: Step 2: Approval » You are here!




  • DavidDavid Member Posts: 3,193 ✭✭✭

    I apologize for the delay.


    I have passed on your information, you should be receiving an update within 48 hours.

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