Received "Important Message From Payoneer Customer Support "

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I just realized I have received this message for few days already



Dear Customer,

We are contacting you to let you know that our Security Department has detected potential fraudulent activity and we believe your Payoneer card may have been compromised. To make sure your funds are secure, we have blocked your card proactively for your protection. This block will prevent any unauthorized transactions from being made with your card, and will ensure that your card balance and your payments remain safe.

Please log into your online account at and request a new card. You will be asked to provide your current shipping address, and a new card will be issued and shipped to you immediately. Once you activate your new card, your card balance and all pending payments will automatically be transferred to the new card.



All I did was adding new bank to my paypal and after 2 days I confirmed my paypal then I received this message. Why? I just transferred some money to this US bank account, so do I have to wait for 30 days to get my card again? :shok:  


So my US payment service will be affected by this?


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    The US Payment Service will not be affected by this.


    We constantly monitor all systems related to card usage, and if you received this message it means we believe that your card information may have been compromised. We will send you a new card, and you can continue to receive payments until that card arrives.

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