I haven't Recieved the Card

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Hello guys,


So far you are guys are doing great on customer care service. Now that I have been approved everything on Feb 10, I am still waiting for my card.  I talked to one of your customer care guy/girl, and I was told that my card has been shipped through regular mail and it should have already reached my post box on 12 March. I checked yesterday there was  nothing.


But on the email that you sent when my card was approved, it said my card should be here between 20 March and 25 March. Should I wait for that time or contact you for a new card which I would want to choose DHL to do the delivery.


Thanks, I hope you will respond fast because I need to pay some dues next week.


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    edited March 2013

    One of the happiest days of my life.


    I received my card today. I am so happy. I would like to personally thank Nissim and David for all your great support.


    Thanks a lot.

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    Thanks for updating! :thumbsu:

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    Hi Nissim if you please help me too it'd be great.

    The arrival time was 7 March to 14 March on regular mail, but i stil not recieved my card yet i also contacted your customer services 

    automated reply said i have to waite 4 business days for their reply, already waited almost 2 months my ticket is LTK481071596233X

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    It generally takes around 3 business days for support to respond to a ticket. Additionally the card can sometimes arrive later than expected due to postal delays.

    Our support department will review your ticket and update you by email.

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