US Payment Service? Not Happy With Bureaucracy

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Hi Guys,


I recently ordered a Payoneer card which got sent over via DHL. Everything went smoothly as planned until a clent of mine tried to send me money via electronic transfer. The company is an international travel firm in good standing which is averse to using PayPal for payments - company policy. I got in touch with customer support to try and see if I could still have the funds deposited into my US Payment service account only to receive a curt  'Are you aware that we have a company white list in regards to which companies you can receive payments from?' I decided to wind up the chat since I felt that I wasn't going to get any kind of help from support.


Now, here are the facts:


- This travel firm is a multi-million dollar travel organization based in the US (proof available, so, no, I didn't just make that up)

- They do not use PayPal for payments.


This first experience has left me with a bad taste in my mouth since I got informed by a terse support member that the funds would be reversed and sent back to my client. I mean, receiving money via Payoneer is like pulling teeth! Unnecessarily painful.


I need some assistance with this matter before I decide to snip my Payoneer card in two because quite frankly,  Payoneer doesn't go above and beyond to try to make things happen for their customers.


Ones severely pissed and disappointed first-time customer.




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    Hi Musa,


    Firstly, your feedback is extremely important to us. I do apologize that you are not satisfied.


    Please note that we do mention the US Payment Service can only be used to receive payments from select US companies, which are listed here:  This is in accordance with various rules and regulations, as Payoneer is a fully regulated US company.


    That being said, we will be more than happy to receive requests to add additional companies to this list. Please send me an e-mail with further information, and I will be happy to look into it. [email protected]

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