Using A Payoneer Card With Several Online Services

Hello guys,
I am starting an Affiliate Marketing business online, and I am going to need a bank-virtual bank account to withdraw my earnings.
I already have a Payoneer Debit Card that I used with 2 years ago. The thing is that the account is blocked due to inactivity and Support Center said that I must be payed through Freelancer via a Project in order to successfully recover the usability of my account (making a funds withdrawal from there to my Debit Card, already tried depositing funds from Paypal to Freelancer and Freelancer to Payoneer and it didn't work, i've got my money back to paypal instead of my Payoneer account).

Unfortunately I don't have plans to use again as a service anytime soon, but I still want to use the account that I have, to withdraw funds from ClickBank or relates Affiliate Marketing sites.

What do you recommend me to do? Should I get a new debit card from another partner?
is that possible to use a single "partnered" debit card to use it with several online services such as ClickBank, Plimus, etc?
Is there another way to recover the usage of my current Debit Card, without having to get a job in Freelance to get paid as a Project?

Any comments that you might have will be much appreciated.
Marcelo Muszalski


  • TaliaTalia Moderator Member Posts: 428 ✭✭
    Hi Marcelo,

    You can connect your existing card to any of our partners, Plimus includes, to reactivate your card. ClickBank isn't one of our partners, so you can only get paid by them through the US Payment Service (formally VA), but Plimus is definitely one of our partners, are are many other freelancing sites. You can connected an unlimited amount of partners to the card so it probably won't be too hard for you to reactivate it.
    Sign up for Payoneer and the US Payment Service here!
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