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Admin Update: The Payoneer EMV card is now available! It will be automatically issued in countries where EMV is required, and if you would like to request one for your account please contact us and we will assist you:

Hi Payoneer Team,

Another vote for Chip & Pin. I'm in the UK and although my card has not been declined yet, it can give me hassle when buying. I experience one of these with each purchase:

1. The need to explain to the cashier every time I buy something that it doesn't have Chip & Pin facility and I need to sign instead.
2. A lot of cashier's don't trust the card and ask their manager to confirm its legit, this is time consuming.
3. Many cashier's don't know how to swipe it when processing a transaction.
4. In the big supermarkets when using the Express Checkouts, often the pen to sign with has been stolen, not available, so again time consuming to wait for one to be found.

Please keep us updated on this.



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    Hi Ian,

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us, I will certainly pass on your comments.

    We are in the process of implementing Chip & PIN capability for the Payoneer card. The process itself is very complicated and involves changing many of our systems, in addition to the numerous regulations and procedures that must be followed, and unfortunately may take several months to complete.

    I assure you, however, that this is a high priority for us and we are doing everything we can to complete the process as soon as possible.
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    Hi! Another vote for chip card from Singapore. My card was declined at a Petroleum Store. They told me they just changed the policy and not accepting Mastercard without chip. Had to pay cash instead.

    I love Payoneer, but it'll be better if they could implement the chip card soon.

    Best regards,

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    I've recently ordered payoneer mastercard and now I'm regretting it because now a days paying with chipless card in stores in EU is literally pain in the ass. I thought that the chip is an essential function today but no. It looks like you have had 11 months to do the transfer for the 21st century but there is no result what so ever. In here every freaking store and stand has a chip reader and it isn't really sufficient to start explain them what is this ancient card with no chip.

    So is it coming tomorrow or in 2023?

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    We've been working on adding this service and hope to have some details for you in the near future.

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    Nissim wrote on April 6 2013, 4:11 PM: »

    We've been working on adding this service and hope to have some details for you in the near future.


    Ok I'll hope that the near future isn't two years :unknw:
    if it is like three months then I can deal with it. Paying with chip is IMO really fast because no signature and ID is needed to be shown. I honestly didn't know that MasterCard still licences non-chip cards but America is a wonderland etc. When I visited New York I was surprised that there were chip readers everywhere but no-one used them, when I paid many hundred dollar purchases with swiping the card I was never asked for ID. Once I did try to insert the card in to reader to enter the PIN but it didn't work for some reason.. In here the limit is 50€ when an ID is needed to be verified when paying with non-chip card. Every MC, Visa, Amex and some newer Diners club cards have a chip in here so people at the cashier sometimes don't know how to handle non-chip ones as non-chip cards haven't been assigned for years excluding really unpopular Diners Club-card.

    If the chip is being added to the card then your product would be perfect for me.

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    It's still required that merchants in Europe accept non Chip & PIN cards, though we do understand that some merchants in certain locations are making it difficult.


    We are taking this issue very seriously and understand the importance. There are a lot of rules and regulations associated with switching the card to Chip & PIN and unfortunately it takes time. That being said, we're doing everything we can to have it available sooner rather than later.

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    In the Netherlands banks started to promote EMV in 2005. Shortly after that merchants started to putting pieces of cardboard in their swipe card readers. Even though most terminals will ask you to swipe your pass if the "chip" turns out to be unreadable twice, most merchants get suspicious if you want to try so. This is merely the result of strong marketing and has nothing much to do with technical difficulties reading swipe cards.


    I do suspect suppliers of terminals to drop support completely in the near future, since they basically did so already by supplying merchants those pieces of cardboard and shipping crippled firmware, which requires the client to try to pay with chip first. Despite Mastercard requiring merchants to accept swipe cards + autograph I think they won't stop this tendency. Banks here invested millions in this marketing campaign, and it probably would cause "confusion". (Further most cashiers lack the necessary knowledge.)


    The Netherlands has one of the lowest credit card penetration rates in the world. Most terminals don't accept Mastercard, but do support Maestro and V Pay. All Dutch banks dropped PIN* in favour of that. (* PIN confusingly happened to be the Dutch marketing trademark of EFTPOS. More confusingly it's also synonymous for using debit cards with PIN.) So if you want to buy something here, look at the stickers on the merchants door if it shows Mastercard. If it doesn't, they most likely don't support it. In most crowded areas with lots or tourists you will find relatively much merchants accepting Mastercard. Further most hotels and a lot of restaurants, amusement parks, etc. do accept. Most coffee shops only accept cash.


    All ATM's, except those of ING, dropped support for magstripes on Dutch bank passes. Mastercards with only a magstripe on the other hand are accepted by pretty much every ATM. I think they don't drop support for that, but banks might limit international transactions instead.) Dutch ATM's most likely  have a limit per transaction/per day which is lower then your Payoneer limit.


    Vending machines, like those of the Dutch railways, did drop support for swipe cards as well. Not sure however if they dropped support for Mastercards with magstripe too. Will try it soon. 


    So, long story short. I don't think the lack of a chip necessarily leads to problems in the Netherlands, but may cause confusion.

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    It took about two weeks to receive the payoneer card and here are my overall thoughts about it:


    • Received $25 referral award one day after deposit of over $100
    • Local subway restaurants in here doesn't accept mastercard without chip, in other words: there is no way to swipe the card. Cashier asked her superior and it isn't possible. I didn't tell them about MC regulations. :D
    • One grocerystorechain supports it well, their chip readers have also an option to swipe the card without giving it to the cashier. "Read the chip or swipe the card" BTW. it is illegal to pay here without giving the chipless card to the cashier. They are needed to verify the legimity of the card and because of that customer can't swipe it. But nobody cares. This store does charge the card as credit card.
    • Another grocerystore chain accepts it also but you need to give it to the cashier. If you try to swipe it yourself it will try to recognize it as a bonus card and it won't accept it. This store does charge the card as Maestro.
    • Fees are really low when paying on POI
    • Local public transport ticket selling machines doesn't accept chipless cards.
    • All atms supports also chipless cards as of now.

    Overall the chip would be nice but now you need to deal with it and carry other cards in case the cashier doesn't accept chipless cards.

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    Today I paid in local departmentstore and I was asked for ID just because the card didn't have chip. The purchase was worth of $2,50
    My ssn was written to the receipt and the card was taken a really close look of and the cashier said that she hadn't never seen a card like this. After transaction she went to the staff room with the receipt with my ssn and signature.
    So it really depends on the shop whether you are handled like a thief or a customer.
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    I'm also looking for changes on the card for CHIP & PIN.

    Adds more security and safer payments. Although, for online payments it's the same.

    3D Secure for online payments would be highly recommended and that way would avoid credit card stealing for online payments!


    No update on this one year later?

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    gf2012 wrote on May 20 2013, 8:37 PM: »

    I'm also looking for changes on the card for CHIP & PIN.
    Adds more security and safer payments. Although, for online payments it's the same.
    3D Secure for online payments would be highly recommended and that way would avoid credit card stealing for online payments!
    No update on this one year later?

    My feeling is it will probably cost a lot of money for payoneer to start rolling out new cards, hence why they are not bothering with chip and pin.
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    This is currently the one thing holding me back. I am a Brit, but live abroad and work for companies worldwide. Usually I am sent my money via Western Union, which costs me a fair chunk each time, so such a device as this would be useful.


    However, with there being no chip 'n' pin, or (from another thread here, online challenge response password - Mastercard/Visa), that leaves cash withdrawals from ATMs, which here in Thailand (where I am presently and for the last 4 years) would cost me 150B ATM fee plus the ATM fees from Payoneer, which kills the benefit completely (its no harder for me to withdraw from my WU account in branch).


    This really is a must for you now, and I don't think it can be the backburner thing it seems to have been (thread on-going for over 2 years and counting).


    There is no reason this can not be phased - all new cards with C&P and replacement cards - and offer upgrades to existing swipe customers at a reduced (cost price plus a bit) - or even full $12+ - price tag. I am sure Visa are pushing for this change too - it must be a pain to all (merchants included) to have to provide the older insecure swipe system just for those hangers around - so there must be help process out there to expedite it.





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    When on earth is chip and pin going to be introduced. My card is currently almost useless. Over a year it's been coming but still we just get the same line that shops in the uk still should accept non chip cards. Fact Is they don't and its a huge inconvenience to everyone just trying.

    I know it's supposed to take time but it doesn't take a year. Prepaid cards in the ok switched in a couple of months. If its just the cost of doing it why not charge people who want a chip and pin card a fee. I would pay £10 for the card.

    Please stop fobbing us off and tell us when this is going to happen. Some kind of time scale rather than just soon would be much more helpful. If its never then just say so.

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    1. I want to add that chip cards now become a requirement in Ukraine too. A lot of stores still accept chipless  cards, but form day-to-day their amount goes lower and it brings nothing but problems to use Payoneer cards here. Also there's a much better security with chips. Our skimmers are really Pro's now, and it hard to store big amount of money in your payoneer card/account. For example 2000$ for Ukrainian and for US/brit person is completely different amount of money and loosing them is life-critical for Ukrainian. Its big risk for us to use chipless payoneer cards, because cards are not protected.


    So we definitely need those cards with chips. I agree with above member, that community will willing to pay some amount of money for better security and UX (10-20$) which chip cards can bring.


    2. Also it would be nice to have 3d secure or some kind of custom user limits, so we can set them on our own via payoneer website to avoid loosing money in case card is compromised. For example, before leaving for a trip I can set a limit for 100$. If someone (or me) will try to take >100$ during this period -  the transaction should be declined.



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    Swipe cards are still widely accepted here but all point of sale machines accept both chip and swipe cards. Swiping a card is becoming uncommon here now and I expect swipe will drop off as the last of the bank issued swipe-only cards expire. I am in support of chip + PIN.

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    I'm ready to pay up to $30 for a payoneer card with chip/pin and 3D Secure support plus an extra $60 for DHL shipping. Just goes to show how much I desire a modern Mastercard.
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    Charles_AI wrote on September 6 2013, 12:27 PM: »

    I'm ready to pay up to $30 for a payoneer card with chip/pin and 3D Secure support plus an extra $60 for DHL shipping. Just goes to show how much I desire a modern Mastercard.




    It will soon be 2014 and what does payoneer have? A magnetstripe swipe card, no chip and pin, no paypass, no MasterCard securecode/no 3dsecure...  All internet payments made by CC in here needs 3Dsecure.


    This service would have been hightech on 90's and on really early 00's but not in 2014.
    What is so hard with that? Even neteller and skrill (former moneybooker) has a chip on their cards. I have stopped using your services for now and I will come back if you get the chip and 3dsecure support.


    Now, get to work.

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    Chip & Pin is a must these day. Less and less places accept chipless cards. I and my colleagues run a workshop and we sell things we make online. Payoneer is great for getting paid in US$ and withdrawing to the card without converting to € . Especially I buy a lot of raw mats in US$ online.

    However, since we sell online we do require pay for postage and buy off sized packaging etc etc. Would have been handy to just go to the till and pay (without ATM and then keep the records of how much taken out of ATM and then spent.) Not really a BIG issue, just annoying to hear - "Cant pay with swipe, sorry!"


    Just wanted to point out that this chip&pin convo started in early 2012 and was described as high priority in to-do list. It's late 2013 so any update from admins would be awesome.



    Also willing to pay for replacement card/delivery.

    Thank you

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    Yes an update would be nice some or most other prepaid/non prepaid cards have chip and pin and or 3D secure here in Canada and some stores give a odd looks everytime I have to tell them my card is not chip and pin and have to swipe  I think sometime down the road they might not even take this type of card anymore :(


    I think it's time to move on to better cards with more security to protect us as cardholders from theft and fraud and unauthorized use as for we the cardholders are risking money and from what I read in the past forms people have lost money and only got 200.00 back in good faith and this worries me :/


    Also a update of some sort would be nice as some of the others are saying.


    Thank you

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    Hi Guys,


    I'm happy to announce that we've started a beta program for the upcoming Payoneer EMV Prepaid Debit MasterCard card! If anyone is interested in applying for the program and being one of the first to receive the new card, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following information:


    - Your Payoneer account username (e-mail)

    - Your country



    Thanks again for the feedback!

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    You need to offer this EMV Prepaid Debit MasterCard card program to Colombian people too because since October 1st of 2014 all Colombian ATMs will not support chipless cards.
  • NissimNissim Head of Community Administrator Posts: 3,604 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    @samariangirl‌ - The Payoneer EMV card will be automatically issues to all account holders from countries in which EMV is required.

    In addition, if you would like to have an EMV card issued now, you can contact us and receive one:

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    Actually EMV card is required in all ATM in Colombia.
  • samariangirlsamariangirl Member Posts: 33 ✭✭
    I applied for EMV Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card program and I hope Payoneer do not send me a chipless card again. All ATMs in Colombia only accept EMV cards. Help me, please.
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    Nissim said:

    Hi Guys,


    I'm happy to announce that we've started a beta program for the upcoming Payoneer EMV Prepaid Debit MasterCard card! If anyone is interested in applying for the program and being one of the first to receive the new card, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following information:


    - Your Payoneer account username (e-mail)

    - Your country



    Thanks again for the feedback!

    Hello @Nissim‌ , I'm from Argentina where CHIP cards are not implemented yet, but I do travel a lot and I would love to have one.  How or where should I apply for one?

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    The help page that is linked does not explicitly have a link to request a replacement card, with or without an EMV chip. You are required to select a predefined list of help items and there is nothing even close to requesting a card. In addition, you are supposed to provide your country but the list is not in alphabetical order and Germany is not in the list.
  • NissimNissim Head of Community Administrator Posts: 3,604 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Thank you for pointing this out, I'll pass this information on to our support team.

    For now, please choose: "Using the Card, Problems with the Card, My Card is Damages"
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    @Nissim I was recently approved for EUR Payment Service now I want to be sure if this new card has the chip, can you confirm this?
  • lcamacholcamacho Member Posts: 75 ✭✭
    @Nissim forget to ask if I want to replace now my original card with a EMV card there would be any cost or is still a beta program? In Venezuela chip is required.
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    Have just received a chip card as a replacement, but apparently its set up for chip & signature not chip & pin, which has a tendency to confuse retailers in the UK (idiot cashier I tried to use it with just kept retrying the transaction until it used up all my balance in preauthorizations :( ) so was wondering if its possible to get a replacement now that uses pins? The header text says that EMV cards are available, but that presumably refers to the chip & signature card I've received?
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