Payoneer card shipping status

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I am from Pakistan payoneer account holder. I received my card yet payoneer have given me date(8 april) for delivery of card but i didnt get it yet. After this they asked me to verify my address and i do so they said they will send me new card again. now i have money in my account but my card isn't active and i want to withdraw my money urgently.

( Dont give me a sugesion to transfer money to my friends payoneer and withdraw from there. I have tried this but i can't withdraw money there every time i tried they said invalid detail)


What can i do?


  • Nissim
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    If you want, you can request a card to be shipped via DHL. The cost is $60, and it arrives within 4-7 business days.


    You can contact customer support to arrange that:


    Otherwise, you can wait for the card to arrive via standard mail.

  • wiwidseo
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    How to request new card shipped with DHL? please help me!

  • Alieve
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    i can't afford that right now. Is there any other way to withraw money from my account?

  • Nissim
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    You need to contact our customer support department to request DHL shipping