Loading Payoneer card with national visa card issued in Morocco

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Hello fellow payoneers.


I live in Morocco and I've requested a payoneer card a few months ago,  now that I want to load it in order to purchase an item from ebay, I am confused on how to do it. I have a valid visa card issued in Morocco but the thing is how could I load my payoneer card in US Dollars knowing that I have a classic bank account in local currency (MAD Dirhams).


Does Payoneer handles money exchange and stuff ?


Thanks a lot.


  • David
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    Please note that the purpose of the Payoneer card is to receive payments from Payoneer partners or select US corporations via our US Payment Service.


    We do provide a private load option, please note all private loads are subject to manual review. The card is held in USD and the conversion will be made by your issuing card.



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