How can I view which partners are linked to my account?

Hi, How can I see the linked partners in my account? Like in this thread, I also unable to see linked accounts in right hand side of my account...Is there a way to unlink a partner from my account (without using partner site). And is there a way to deny payments to 2.C.O? My 2.c.o account is already disabled but they charge $6.05 each time if i have money on my account... How to avoid this? In Paypal we can see and remove pre-approved payments but in here there is no any way to do so..


  • Nissim
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    There is currently an issue that prevents some accounts from seeing the list of associated partner accounts. This is only a visual error, and is set to be fixed in a future update.


    If you would like to disconnect your 2CO account from your Payoneer card, you need to contact our customer support department and submit a request.