Help link fandealer with Bank payoneer

hi  Payoneer Team,


I registered the site Fandler but it does not accept Paypal
it only accepts bank as he said:


The disbursement of funds is now available via bank transfer to the bank account of the respective member. Members may, if not done yet, add a bank account by using the following link :


when I enter the link it tells me to fill in the following fields


Bank Location:

IBAN Number:

BIC Code:

Bank Name:

Name of Account Holder:


I have the card payonner connected with US PAYMENT SERVICE


What is the IBAN Number & BIC Code and where I'll find










  • David
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    Please note that the Payoneer card only provides you the information for ACH transfers.


    The information being requested here is for SWIFT transfers which are not support by our US Payment Service.

    Sign up for Payoneer and the US Payment Service

  • eslamovitsh
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    ok thank you sir admin
    so I can not work in this fandlear site?
    it is not in solution