I transferred amount from PayPal to payoneer . When will it arrive to Payoneer?

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hey guys,



I have withdraw the amount of $46.00 and $17


from paypal to payoneer account on 18April 2013 in friday


the transcation id which paypal give me is  6J002816VW6192515 for $46.00


 and  87T8060017396942T  for $17.00.


 today is 22April 2013 and paypal status is complete to money transfer but


i couldn't saw the amount in my payoneer account


I think that there is a delay .


please see the issue and help out.


Regards ,


  • David
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    Once paypal sends the payment it can take up to 3 business days to reach your account.


    Please note that when paypal says a payment is completed it does not necessarily mean it was sent.

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  • Mourad5
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    Now i understand well ,
    Thanks for your answer .