My Application status?

Rinon Member Posts: 3

Hello, I applied for a Payoneer Card 7 days ago through your partner Adworkmedia and I haven't even received an email regarding the status of the application, when I applied it said that within 3-7 days I will receive the answer.


I applied using my email address, scwebservs[at]


Thank you.


  • pidhnonja
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    Po ku kari t'pranojn ty be :P

  • Rinon
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    pidhnonja wrote on April 23 2013, 4:18 PM: »

    Po ku kari t'pranojn ty be :p


    HAHAHA, kqyrja bre nickun, shum je katunar bab :P as un sbesoj qe m'pranojn veq thash ta provoj fatin :P

  • Nissim
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    You should be receiving an update within the next few days.