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I have been a Payoneer user since 2011 and now I'm also a ClickBank vendor.


I'm from Morocco and the problem I'm facing is that ClickBank checks take about 30 days to arrive and another 45 days for the check money to arrive to my bank account which is very frustrating... So I'd love to receive my ClickBank money directly to my Payoneer account, or from PayPal to my payoneer account etc..


I would like to know what are the questions my request email has to answer when sent to [email protected], or even better if there is a form that is created for this kind of request.


I can provide all the information about my business, my clickbank account, screenshots from my clickbank payment history, IDs etc...


Thank you for your reply.


Best regards


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    I have received an automated reply from the service with the ticket ID : LTK12153026264X



  • Yassir
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    It has been 4 days since I sent a request to [email protected] but still have got no answer.


    What is the average time to get an answer for a request ?


    Thank you

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    The automated reply is for you to know we received the e-mail and are reviewing it. It should be processed within the next few business days, after which you will receive an e-mail confirmation.