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Hey there everyone, i applied for service and card a couple days ago and provided all the correct info required. I then got am email saying account wasn't appproved based on info provided. I thought info would have been verified through the correct channels but somehow can't understand why i was denied although correct info provided.


In the email i am being asked to provide proof of address and ID by scanning documents, by i don't have such facilities. I thought by providing the info they would have confirmed with my local government or whatever means are used to verify info. All my info can be confirmed, so my question is why ask for specific info and then you don't approve and then request the same info via scanning documents? Why not just make application available by scanning documents and sending to approval department?


I have friend who applied and he got approval and says your services are great, so i'm just trying to enjoying the services offered by you guys as well.


I got a reference number here dont know if it would help by here it is..... 2477293




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    Payoneer is a fully regulated company and must properly identify each applicant. For this reason, accounts are all reviewed on an individual basis. You will need to follow up with our account approvals department via e-mail and provide the requested documents.

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    Ok thanks I got a friend to do it for me yesterday so I'm just waiting on response from the said department. Thanks for replying sir