Card delivery via DHL

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Hi,i ordered a card via normal mail which i never recieved, so i was thinking about choosing DHL to deliever my card this time but only in one condition if Payoneer deduct entire DHL Shipping fee from my Payoneer account please confirm if this possible so i transfer funds into my payoneer account to cover DHL shipping fee.. thank you.


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    Yes, we can deduct the DHL cost from your Payoneer account balance. The cost is $60 - if you would like a card shipped via DHL please contact our support department and let them know:

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    can we pay on delivery.?
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    Hello Payoneers I order my card through normal mail can I change to DHL shipping please
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    You have the possibility to have the card shipped via DHL. To do so, you have to ensure there are sufficient funds in the account to cover the fee for the shipment of $40/€35/£30 and request it from our support.