Payoneer India Problem - Bank Transfer payment Not Received

NSinghNSingh Member Posts: 3

For the Past 2 years I have been Receiving Bank Transfer Payment to my bank account in India without any Problem but I have not received 2 payments of last week till now. Even this week payment is still not in the Bank which normally is received by today. So my 3 payment have not been received. I even created a ticket 5 days back but no response till now. Even other people from India who are payoneer Account holders have not received there payment in there bank. They have accounts in different banks in India then me so its not a bank problem. I am really worried as a large amount of money has not been received. Please help and guide.


  • NSinghNSingh Member Posts: 3
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    The payment not received were sent on 18, April 2013. Its Been 10 days now. unique ticket number: LTK12153085503X

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    I have transferred this issue to our payment department. They will check your ticket and get back to you.

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