Do Not Post Your Card Number

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As a general precaution, we kindly ask that you do not post your full Payoneer card number on the forum. We also strongly advise that you never share the card number, not even with a Payoneer representative.


Thanks, and stay safe!


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    Could you please explain more in details ... what is a problem with this, I mean share a card number?


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    Aleksandr wrote on June 3 2012, 8:26 PM: »


    Could you please explain more in details ... what is a problem with this, I mean share a card number?


    Hello Alex,

    Thanks for visiting our forums.

    The reasons we suggest not sharing these details is because it can pose a security risk to share your card number. It leaves you open to someone stealing any money that you have on the card and using it in your name.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

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    Cause of security thanks to advice all the people to don't send card number. Now a days a lot of hacker at this time who can transact all your balance with the help of card number.

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    Does this mean that in "Transfer to another card" feature, using email is recommended compared to Full card number?

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    The field to enter the card number on your My Account page is secured. However if you are asking someone to send you funds via the "Transfer to another card" feature, we strongly advise you to provide them with your e-mail, rather than the card number.
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    I've read the information above and I wonder - is our Payoneer's MasterCard so non-defended  so anyone can steal money from it, knowing ONLY 16-digits number of the card and card holder's name?  

    HOW they can steal money from our cards if  they even don't know PIN-code and secret 3-digits code that written on the card's other side?


    Is it REALLY so easy to steal money from our Payoneer's MasterCards?


    Maybe, there is a strong need to make our cards MORE secured, then?




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    Hi Elena,


    No, your card cannot be used by knowing the card number alone; further details are required. In addition, Payoneer has many added security measures in place that attempt to identify and prevent unauthorized use before it occurs. In fact, it's extremely difficult and rare for the card to be targeted by fraudulent activity.


    That being said, we still feel that's it's important to protect the privacy of your information as much as possible, and there is no reason to share the full card number unless absolutely necessary. 

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    Hi Nissim!


    Thank you for quick reply to my question.


    Please, just explain me one thing. Let's imagine that someone knows NOT ONLY my card's 16 digits number but my First name/Last name, too. 


    Can he steal money from my card, having this information or not?


    Tell me just this, please.




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    No, additional information is required in order to use the card (I won't go into exactly what). However as I mentioned above, when it comes to the protection of your card and account details, you can never be too safe. If you have given out your card information and feel uncomfortable with that, I suggest you contact our customer support department and request that they send you a new card.

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    Nissim, thanks for information, after reading it I feel much more safe about my card.
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    Well, this topic is very true. Since secret 3-digits key can be brutforced, it's a huge security hole for you to give a credit card number. 


    E-mail is much better in this case.

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    Few days back i contacted Payoneer support on there was ''Email Form'' page pops up

    where i have to mention some information before sending a message to customer support and it was like 


    Email Address*:
    Are you an existing cardholder?

    Confirm Email Address*:

    Which program/partner are you with?

    and that page also asked my Last 4 digits of Card Number  and other infomation.


    soo i mentioned my last 4 digits of Card Number and Proceed with the email soo is it safe ?

    i mean the 4 digits of card number asked by you on your website.


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    @ afz7,

    That email is sent directly to Payoneer, so only they can see your 4 digits card number. They only want to make sure they are solving your issue on the right card, as there can be multiple cards connected to a single Payoneer account.

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    As mentioned above, this is safe. You should not provide your full card number, however the last 4 digits is OK to be displayed.

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    very useful discussion here. learnt alot of things that I didnt know before. thanks for everyone participated here!

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    This rule is for all country or the especial country.?

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    This is a general rule about card usage- however, what is important to remember is to never give out your card information so your cards are not compromized by third parties.

    Stay safe! :thumbsu:


    Payoneer Director of Community 


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