Paypal Prepaid Vs Payoneer

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Monthly fees and Loading fees
Hi, I live in Costa Rica, and I have my paypal account setup with my local bank, they charge me 11 USD per paypal transfer to my bank account.

But I want to use either Paypal Prepaid or Payoneer to buy directly with Amazon with my paypal funds. The thing is, is it really worth it? I have both Payoneer and Paypal cards, but I'm not sure if they are good for me. I did request both cards before I got my bank deal. Being charged 11 USD per deposit is quite a bit. But paying monthly fees and being charged for loading and buying stuff online with Payoneer or Paypal Prepaid is something to consider.

I checked the Terms of Use of both Paypal Prepaid and Payoneer and the information is hard to read, at least for me.

What I was able grasp is this.


Loading money into your account is free
Monthly fee - $4.95
Free signature and PIN-Purchase Transactions in USA. For example super markets, local stores. (Amazon included)
ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee in USA and International - $1.95. ATM owner may charge too!
Foreign Transaction Fee - 2.5% For example a super market purchase in your country.

Payoneer Prepaid:

Card activation – U.S. - $5.00
Card activation – outside U.S. - $10.00
Loading money into your account - 3.75% of loaded amount. And not as easy as Paypal Prepaid.
Monthly fee - $3 Not sure, I have seen different fees in different pages.
ATM Charges outside USA - $2.15 + up to 3% of transaction amount
ATM Charges in USA - $1.35
Free US Purchase Transactions. For example super markets, local stores. (Amazon included)
And charges for any non US purchase. Up to 3% of transaction amount. For example a super market purchase in your country.

Please correct me and expand on the subject!

Thank you.


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    I have looked into this, and I swear as we speak I'm looking into alternative options. Payoneer extract fees for almost everything you do, and then there's the seperate fees the ATMs charge for transactions. You add this up on a monthly basis and you'll realize how much money this service is taking out of your pocket. I don't like going to the ATM machine to withraw large amount of cash, but that's the best way if one wish to keep costs down.


    I work too hard to end up losing money like this. I hope to come across an alternative sooner rather than later.

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    Payoneer fees depend on the program you sign up with.


    You can view a list of pricing and fees before signing up on the registration page you will see a pricing and fees link that will let you know the fees associated with the card you are ordering.


    Please note to transfer money from paypal to Payoneer with our US Payment Service is 1% of the transaction. It is easy to set up, you just add your US Payment Service information into your paypal account and the money transfers via ACH payments to your Payoneer card.

    Sign up for Payoneer and the US Payment Service