I was under 18, but now I'm not

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I have registered the first time my account was canceled because I was out of the age of 18, but now i skip the age of 18 and opened a new account with the same name, but the first account is close and I got this message
We see that you have recently applied for a Payoneer card while you already have an existing and active Payoneer account.
If you are applying for another account because you have not received your previous card, or if your card has been lost or stolen, please contact our Customer Support for a replacement card, using your existing account's e-mail address.
Otherwise, please explain why you have applied for an additional card. This will help us better handle your request. Once we receive your response, we will send you an update regarding your application approval.


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    Happy birthday!


    There is no need to submit a new application - we can simply review the original application you submitted now that you are over the age of 18. You should receive an update within the next few days.

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