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first of all thanks that you have accpated my US payment services. and i can see it in my payoneer. i just wanted to know. now i can use it or not? i am verified or not. i don`t have gave my NIC to payoneer. becouse its in different language and i don`t have driving liscness or passport.. so i just wanted to know should i withdraw money now? i have attached the bank acount that payoneer gave me. hope i can have reply soon.


please payoneer be fast and replay this.


your service is way way slower than any website.





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    Your US Payment Service is enabled and you can start using it to receive payments.


    Please note it is not verified, at some point our approval department may ask you to verify the account. To do this please provide us with the requested information and details in the email that was sent notifying you that the service was enabled.

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