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Is there a way to integrate Payoneer in website, I have users on my website and I'd like to pay via Payoneer.


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    Hi Figo,


    Yes, this is possible, we can provide you with an integrated global payment solution that will support Payoneer card and global bank transfers.


    If you can send me an e-mail with the following details, I will have someone contact you with specific details on how you can become a Payoneer partner and integrate with our service ([email protected]):


    - Your company name

    - Your website

    - Description of company

    - How many payees you need to pay, estimated monthly payment volume

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    We are developing an online interactive tutoring application. We wanna integrate payoneer in our app to pay our tutors.

    Our client is in the process of registering the company. Till then is it possible for us to get the api documentation and try integrating that in the app we are building as the api isn't publicly available.

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    This is an outdated post which does not necessarily apply in 2020.

    Should you want to pursue this matter, you should check out the Affiliates page on the website, and fill out the sales form.


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