what happened to your service 5 days and no answer ?

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Hey guys ,
since 5 days i have contacted payoneer service but no answer :
ticket number: LTK121530503797X
My payoneer email id [email protected]
i have sent the message about why my card is blocked 
What's the reason to block my card and how to unblock it? Payoneer did not notify me 
before blocking my Card and also there is no reason mentioned
 I want to solve this matter as soon as possible, I want to unblock my card as soon 
as possible, I don't want this matter
 to go long  because  about five days and  there is no answers
from your services
in my view  is too long , 
I want to use this card as my payment option method soon (Urgent), 
really need your help .
Hoping for your urgent response and cooperation in this regard. 


  • Mourad5
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    Mr David said to me it generally takes around 4 business days to review a ticket.


    but now is 5 days and no answer don't say to me  it is currently waiting to be reviewed please just give me a clear answer ,



  • David
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    An email with an update was sent to you today.


    We apologize for the delay in this matter, we appreciate your patience.

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  • Mourad5
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    Hi David ,


    But my card is still blocked, why the support team is too late to review the issue. i want to unblock my card as soon as possible.