Request for a new US Payment Service number.

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Hi Payoneer Support,


First of all I want to thank you for providing such a great services. Thank you guys!



But I have one problem with my US Payment Service number. My PayPal account is limited and once paypal is limited , I can't remove bank detail from there. I have had an active paypal account for a number of years, but recently they informed me that my account was now "limited".

I can't use your services without new US Payment Service number.
Could you please change my US Payment Service number?


Please check ticket: LTK121530570850X



Thank you for your help. I will recommend payoneer to my friends and colleagues



Best Regards,










  • David
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    Thank you for contacting our support department. Your ticket will be handled by our payments department and they will update you about your request for a new US Payment Service number,

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