Card not yet approved

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Hi All,

I have problems getting my card approved.

On April, 10th I ordered the Payoneer card.

On April, 24th they told me I needed to resend the photo of my ID as it was not clear enough

On April, 24th I resend a copy of 3 different IDs: National ID, Driver License and Passport

Today, May 8th I contacted the support through the live chat and they asked me to resend the email with the IDs attached, so I did it.


I have the following ticket opened for this:

LTK12153084203X. (raised on Apr 24th)

LTK1215307?64658X (raised today, May 8th)


Can someone please help me on this?


Thanks and regards

Harvey Delgado



  • David
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    Your information has been passed on to our approval department, you should be receiving an update within 2-3 business days.

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