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I was hoping you could help me with this technical issue I have experienced (and still am) upon applying for a card.


I applied twice, using two different email accounts: this was due to the fact that in my first application ([email protected]) I provided a Chinese address - I am currently residing in China, will be here until September - which the website doesn't seem to be able to process, as I am not allowed to type Chinese characters. As there is no way for the postal service to track down my address without the aid of Chinese characters, I sent you an email asking whether I was allowed to change my home address to the Italian one, which would be way easier to reach. 


As I didn't receive an answer from you guys (I was, and still am, in a bit of a hurry... since it's gonna take some additional time to get the card shipped from Italy to China, I would like to have it shipped as soon as possible), I decided to create a second application, hoping it would be sent in and processed faster than the first one.


Notwithstanding the fact that I sent another email, explaining to the account approval department my reasons for applying twice and asking whether my first application could be cancelled, as of typing I still haven't gotten a reply to either of my emails.


I was hoping, by posting on this forum, that you guys could speed things up a bit, as it would appear that the average time it takes for an e-mail to be read and replied to is in the order of weeks!!


Here's the tickets relative to the emails I sent you:



LTK121530399482X ([email protected])
LTK121530716322X ([email protected])




Thank you in advance for reading this,

looking forward to your reply!



Best wishes,



  • David
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    In regards to your first application and email was sent to you on May 1, which I have resent today, requesting further information.


    In terms of your second application, since we don't allow cardholders to have more than one active card we sent you an email asking to explain why you ordered a second card.

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