Payment waiting for approval

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A few days ago I withdraw some money from PayPal to my Payoneer card.

On the PayPal page, the withdraw status is "completed". And I found a record on Payoneer page. Its status is "Payment waiting for approval".

May I know how long could the approve process take? It is the first time I withdraw money by US payment service from PayPal.


  • Nissim
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    As these are your first payments, your service needs to be verified. We will send you an e-mail within the next few hours with details on how to do this.

  • vachzar
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    Hi Nissim,


    Saw many happy customers with your replies! :) Time for you to help me hehe ;)

    I have a payment from paypal about 4 days back. It said Payment waiting for approval.


    I got a mail asking me to verify the payment service, I submitted the information, and I received a mail today saying My US Payment service has been verified.


    But the payment still says WAiting for approval. I thought it was going to be credited into the card as soon as it got verified.


    Can you please look into this, and try to see how you can expedite the process?


    By the way, the payment ID is 6740139.


    Will be thankful to you, if you can look into this, and solve it at the earliest.

    Thank you

  • David
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    You should be receiving an update regarding that payment within 1-2 business days.

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