When do I receive my Refer a Friend reward?

Master Shani
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hello all

5 days ago i rec Payoneer Card :) i am happy thanks All

but i have 1 problem

i use affiliates system and i got a ref link now i send my ref link to my friend and he make a account from my ref link but i cant rec money why can you explain me ? how i get 25$


  • Nissim
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    You will receive the $25 referral reward once your referral receives at least $100 in total payments to their account.

  • olvus
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    edited April 2013

    Good day.

    In February this year, I sign up to Payoneer system with ClickBank's affiliate link and got the Payoneer plastic card. 13.03.2013 on my account was credited payment > $ 100. As I understand it, I was supposed to get $ 25 referral money to my card until 13.04.2013. Today is the 16th - no money. Why?


    http://blog.clickbank.com/2012/12/06/receive-clickbank-payments-with-payoneer/ :


    "Plus, get $25 when you sign up with Payoneer and receive a payment of $100 or more!"



    Sorry for my English

  • David
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    It can take up to 7 business days for the 25 USD bonus to be loaded to your account after the Refer a Friend threshold is reached.

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  • budisantoso000
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    What are the requireds for us when we got $ 25 from refer friends? Please explain me all. Thank You...

  • David
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    To learn more about our Refer a Friend program please read here http://blog.payoneer.com/how-to-participate-in-the-refer-a-friend-program/.

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