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Hello.  Since it is said that Payoneer does not support the transfer payment, I want to know how I can use the fund inside my payoneer or any method I can withdraw the money from payoneer to another account?  Thanks.


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    Hi awhwang, I was just about to ask a similar question, so I'm adding my comments to your post.

    From my research, it appears you can use the Matercard/debit card to:

    - make purchases online or in person anywhere that accepts Matercards, or

    - withdraw from an ATM that supports Mastercards.


    Have I got this right - Nissim at Payoneer?



    Here's my additional questions:

    1.) How much is the fee Payoneer charge for withdrawing funds from an ATM?

    2.) Is there any other way of moving funds around? Someone mentioned to me that there was some kind of transfer service (GBT?) that was being developed by Payoneer in the next few months.

    Can the money be somehow transferred to PayPal or something?


    I just spoke to my bank, and they said that while I can withdraw from a Payoneer Mastercard/debitcard at an ATM, I can't do it using a teller inside the bank.

    So if I wanted to withdraw a substantial amount, it would depend on how much actual cash was inside the ATM machine at the time.

    I would also need to physically take the money inside the bank to deposit it in an account (perhaps a security risk).



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    You can load funds to the card by earning payments from Payoneer partners or from select US corporations via our US Payment Service.


    The card can be used wherever debit MasterCard is accepted: in stores, online and ATMs.


    We currently do not support transferring money from the card to a bank account, though it's a service we are planning to add in the future.


    1) Any fees associated with the card can be viewed by logging in to your My Account page under General Information you will find the pricing and fees option.


    2) The GBT Service is a different service from the Payoneer card. You cannot move funds between the GBT Service and the Payoneer card. We generally do not allow people to have both the card and the GBT Service.


    You can send funds from paypal to the Payoneer card with our US Payment Service but we currently do not support sending form Payoneer to paypal.

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    Thanks David.


    Do you have an estimate of how far away the money transfer function is? Months or years?

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    It will be much more flexible if it supports the free fund transfer from Payoneer to other bank acccounts... Look forward to this...

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    We currently do not have an estimated for this option.

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