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my issue is divided in to two points: - my card has not arrived yet , it has been 40 days (and i stopped counting) since it is approved my business has stopped for like 1 month as i decided to make payoneer as my primary payment/withdrawal method ; and for me this loss is a result that payoneer can not choose a more reliable and fast method to deliver its card - after contacting customer support, they told me that they have an express method to send the card through DHL, but it will simply cost 60$ to send it for me 60$ is just a ripoff for sending a letter containing a card so after my loss from waiting all this time ; i should pay more money to get a card that is supposed to be free. also it would be much easier if you provide a cheaper alternative method with a tracking option (regular mail with tracking) finally what do i expect? Nothing; i want to share my bad experience with payoneer that i thought it would always seeks the best for its customers as a global company with such a good feedback over internet sorry for being harsh and rude;but my problem is with payoneer as an entity with such rules and not with any employees


  • David
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    I am sorry you are not satisfied.


    We currently offer standard shipping which is free but does not have a tracking number or as you mentioned you can order via DHL. Please note we do not charge for DHL but ask that you cover the DHL fee.


    From approval it can take up to 28 business days for the card to arrive (about 6 weeks) if it has not arrive our support team can assist you in shipping a new one.

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  • rage284
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    So i cant see my card number before it arrives?Because I wanna use it for my business

  • Nissim
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    No, for security reasons the only way to know the full card number is to receive the physical card in the mail.

  • pinoymobiletv
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    I was just wondering if it is possible to verify if the card was actually sent?  I've been waiting for a week and half already here in the Philippines and anxiously waiting for my card so I can activate my account.

  • Nissim
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    Once you receive the e-mail confirmation from Payoneer, which includes an estimated arrival date for the card, this means that the card was actually sent out.

  • zaccshegzy
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    I think 6weeks is far too long to wait for such important mail, please work hard to reduce the period to at least 2weeks.
    Just a suggestion though.

    Meanwhile, I am still expecting my card too, the date is tomorrow 24th June, hope it arrived has scheduled, thanks.
  • Melisa
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    Thank you for your suggestion, zaccshegzy! We're always working on improving our services :thumbsu:


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