Changed my PIN - ATM doesn't accept

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Hello Payoneer Support,

Today I changed my PIN of my card for security purposes. I think this was a few hours ago. However, when I went to an ATM in Germany today I wanted to withdraw 1000 Euros but it said that the PIN is invalid although I typed it correctly. I tried this twice and then decided to try it with my old PIN. Same result - PIN is wrong. So now I'm at home again and tried to change the PIN back to my old one and it said "PIN could not be changed". Does it take time until it is updated?


Thanks in advance for your reply.


  • David
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    Please contact our support department for further assistance regarding the changing of your PIN


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  • Phiphi
    Phiphi Member Posts: 8

    Hello Dadvid,

    Thanks for your response. I just contacted the support department. I hope to get a reply soon



    -Phi Phung