Payoneer card - Express mail

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I heard about payoneer card from my friends. Already applied for payoneer card and still approval position. I want to collect card by express mail. Just After approval, payoneer will post it by using normal post. But I want to collect it by express mail. How can I inform about to payoneer? How I pay additional mail chargers? please give me full informations. Thanks.


  • David
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    To receive the card via DHL please contact our support department and they will assist you further,

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    Before to receive the payoneer card you are in steps 2 after youre card was ordered and you can view the avaible partners affiliates of payoneer for an eventuality connect then ours, but note, if you have much money, private charges cant supported the load, after approval you can work with youre partners affilites, get started with apply become a partners but applied before with this partners who have the payoneer card for exmple applied the payoneer card with instaforex, if you have the card applied for us payment and after you can start getting paid in us payment services,

    PS: No enter much money in youre card after approval if no you can bloked her, good bye and good lock.

    imed miout.