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rein Member Posts: 3

My card is going to expire pretty soon so there is a message in my account, I have this message for several weeks

"Your card has not been approved yet"

¿So how long it take the approval process?

 ¿what is necessary to make the process faster?

I have been using payoneer for years but in this time I have been waiting for weeks the approval for the new card.

Also I asked to get the card via dhl($65) I have fund, and I sent the data, but I don't get confirmation if they get the data.



  • David
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    I see you spoke with our support department about the issuing of the new card, I have passed on your ticket to our support department. They will update you by email.

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  • rein
    rein Member Posts: 3

    the card is going to ship in a couple of days via dhl , so everything is Ok, thanks :)