new regulations are confusing

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Helo, I signed up on the website of Payoneer without going through an affiliate, but why can not load? why always appears warning 'Private loads are not supported for this card '- the new rules say must receive payment of Payoneer partners, how can I accept payments from Payoneer partner if I do not have a partner Payoneer.

Can private facility loads to activate my card?

Thank you

*I'm sory, my bad english :)


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    Please note that the general policy for Private Loading has not changed. Your Payoneer card is intended to be used as a payout solution, to get paid from any of our official partners or the US Payment Service. Your Payoneer account should not be used for the sole purpose of Private Loading.


    Once you are active in receiving payments from any of our official partners, or the US Payment Service, you will see the Private Loading Service become available to you.

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