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Hi, thanks for your attention, I´ve sended the documents you asked me for my card approval on april the 10th, I had no responses from you seens then, I´m working in odesk, and I really need this card for me to wirthdraw the money I´m earning there, please let me know what´s happening


my reference numer is 2439044.




  • David
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    An email was sent to you today with further information.

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  • matiasg
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    Thanks for the quick response! Could you verify for me what billing and shipping address you finally accepted? because, I had to change the shipping address to my permanent living address, thank you very much... if you could email it or just write a part of it for security reasons it would be much better, thanks again

  • Nissim
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    You would need to contact our customer support department so that they can check your account and confirm this information.

  • matiasg
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    thank you very much, but they simply don´t answer, what should I do? Ticket Number:LTK1215301277956X, thanks

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi, please note emails take several business days to be reviewed. You should be receiving an e-mail with further information shortly.
  • matiasg
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    The card already arrived, thanks