US Payment Service Approval

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Hi Support,


I received from Payoneer the request of some documents, information and screenshots for the approval of the U.S. payment service of my Payoneer account.


This is my ticket code: LTK121530888854X


I just sent all material to Payoneer support, but I honestly believe that my U.S. payment service was already up and running (In fact, from my account the U.S. payment service is already active and present).


I received three payments from my PayPal account, but unfortunately these transactions were not transferred on my Payoneer card, so I can not withdraw the money yet.


Please, I urgently need the money, will you please proceed with the transfer of money in the shortest possible time.


Thanks to Payoneer support for the attention.








  • David
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    Please note that your US Payment Service was enabled we are now asking for it to be verified.


    Our approval departments will review your answers and update you by email.

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  • bzztzn
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    Hi David,


    yes, my US Payment Service seems already enabled, but my payments are not yet approved (are now gone 5 days after the transactions).


    Please check it soon, thanks!

  • bzztzn
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    just replied to Payoneer support.


    Please, make every effort to approve pending payments later today, I really urgent need that money!