pls help me unblock a card linked to my account

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Pls I applied for payoneer card since january and it didn't arrive Until last week, during the second month it didn't arrive I contacted support and they blocked the first card and issued a second card, since the firyts card that was issued has arrived can I please unblock that card and make use of that and then block the second card that hasn't arrived yet. Please how do I go through the process? Thanks


  • Nissim
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    Our customer support department will be able to assist you in enabling the card that you received. You can reach them here:

  • idem70
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    Hello Nissim i see you know to unblok the payoneer account,  can you unblok my payoneer account please errors MA104 emails associated with my payoneer account is [email protected], so sir, i wating youre emails for informations please Nissim


    imed miout.

  • David
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    Please contact our support for further assistance with your account


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  • ibrahimalblushi
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    please !!! 

     I want unblock my account on payoneer my email on payoneer [email protected] 


  • Nissim
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    This is not an issue that we can assist you with here on the forum, unfortunately. You need to contact our customer support department so that they can check your account details and assist you further.

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