US.P.S is verified and payment still waiting for approval

Good morning everyone


I've made withdraw of 500$ from paypal to my Payoneer account at 14 Mai 2013 and PayPal stated "Transfer Completed".


After that they send me a messsage says that ''Congratulations! Your Payoneer US Payment Service is now verified!‏''
But when i saw my Payments History i found that my payment is still awaiting for approval
ICO-Pending.png Payment waiting for approval


there is any solution ?


Thank's for helping me




  • EconomieG7
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    Payment ID: 6797687

  • rein
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    maybe is a couple of days you are going to get your payment

  • David
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    I see the payment has been loaded to your account.

    Sign up for Payoneer and the US Payment Service

  • bzztzn
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    I have the same problem... US payment service verified, but payments still in approval!


    These are the IDs of payments still pending approval:


    6756222 05/13/2013 21:03


    6780582 05/15/2013 18:23


    6797740 05/16/2013 18:57


    Please, check its and let me know asap.



  • [Deleted User]
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    Please note, usually it takes up to few hours for payments to load once US Payment Service has been verified.