My Payoneer Account has not been approved yet.

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Hello, I'm Md Shamsul Islam. I have a big problem that it, I did order for a Payoneer Card till 31.03.2013 But my account is not approved. I did contact via email but got the reply after many days later. I submitted my all necessary documents like National Id card scan Copy and Requerment screed shot that they want. First time had my reference number: LTK481071890023X. After Second time had reference number: LTK481071924237X and Third time following reference number had: LTK12153068038X. Many month later but i didn't get any response for my Card approval. I can't understand why the issue? Many month passed but i didn't get any result. I'm a freelancer so I need a card and Us payment Service Approval. After then hopefully can be do my job Properly and get my payment easily. Day by day passing and I'm waiting but not getting any response. Hopefully here from you soon something. Please let me know. Have a nice day. Thank You!





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    Hello Shamsul! Welcome to payoneer forum! feel free to send a PM to admin Nissim or David for further instruction =)

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