Post here how long you received the Payoneer Card

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kindly Post here how long you received the Payoneer Card


-where do you live(country)

-when did you register your account?

-duration from confirmation email of card arrival to the date of card arrived....

-you can post here even you just received the confirmation email and edit soon as you receive your card..

-please don't post other topics,questions or complaints(do it  in other room)

-just post it just like the sample below for the other can view it clearly



let me start:



                      country:            Taiwan

        registration date:            March 17 2013

estimated arrival date:            24 Apr 2013 and 01 May 2013

               date arrived:            April 11




looking forward to your post :goodjob: this might be helpful to some forumer in other way

-please PIN this post,Thanks!!!


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    Great idea, morcs. Depending on how much feedback we receive, we may PIN the topic ;)


    Look forward to hearing what everyone has to share!

    Director of Community at Payoneer
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    I have a report on Colombia:


    Two people in Bogotá Colombia received their cards in two weeks.


    One person in Barranquilla, Colombia ( on the coast )  received their card in one week.


    My wife had a date-window of April 15-20 in Bogotá, it has yet to be seen. We are working on that tonight.



    We will start here:


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    Another person in Bogotá ordered their card one month ago. I do not know the date it was scheduled to arrive, but she also has requested help to find out what can be done. Apparently Bogotá has some problems.

  • barranquillabarranquilla Posts: 30Member ✭✭
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    Update: A person in Bogotá ordered their card and it arrived one week early.  :thumbsu:

  • barranquillabarranquilla Posts: 30Member ✭✭

    I seem to be the only one updating here. :sleep:  C'mon guys...


    We have been contacted and the next delivery date (for my wife) for the Payoneer card is the Fourth of June, here in Bogotá.

  • barranquillabarranquilla Posts: 30Member ✭✭

    Good news! The card arrived three days ago, on Friday. :goodjob:


    ( The internet was down or I would have put this here sooner. )


    Thanks, Payoneer.

  • marcuslimmarcuslim Posts: 2Member

                          country:            Australia

            registration date:            May 17 2013

    estimated arrival date:           11 June 2013 and 18 June 2013

                   date arrived:            Not yet

  • marcuslimmarcuslim Posts: 2Member
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    Received it today 5 June, 2013.

  • sasa321sasa321 Posts: 6Member

                          country:            Croatia

            registration date:            May 02 2013

    estimated arrival date:           27 May 2013 and 03 Jun 2013

                   date arrived:           21 May

  • barranquillabarranquilla Posts: 30Member ✭✭

    If anyone wondered, the OP asked what country we were in. This is Colombia. I got my own card a few days ago. Way to go Payoneer, it was just one day after the date-window. Thanks. :goodjob:

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