I entered the wrong PIN at the ATM

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This day i need to withdraw my funds but i enter an incorrect pin 3 more times and the machine said "Account is Blocked" I guess the PIN is blocked :(


I can't withdraw my funds on the ATM Machine. I have a funds there. I need to withdraw that money ASAP. I've accidentally enter the incorrect pin 3 times :(


So i contacted the customer support to help them sort out this problem below is my ticket number.

How can Unblock it?

Also i change my PIN to a new PIN from my online account.

Please reply ASAP


This is my ticket number:

Ticket# LTK1215301384505X


Thank You 



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    You will have to allow 24 hours before you can use your card at an ATM again,
    Note that after entering your PIN incorrectly 3 times in a row at an ATM, you card is blocked for ATM usage (for 24 hours) for security reasons.


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