Custom Branded Card/Thermal Printed Card?

Glenn Hill
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I've been in the process of finding a suitable payment solution and I'm gong to settle for Payoneer, but before I sign on, I've got a few question.


1. How can I receive a "Custom branded card" or a "Thermal printed card" containing our logo and such?


2.I also noticed when looking at example's of the card(s) that there is a website listed on the card(s). Is this a requirement?


3. Is there any additional charge(s) to received one of these specially branded/printed cards?


4. Do I have to submit a logo and if so how is that done?


5. when I look at the examples of the custom branded cards, I noticed that all of them had their website on the card. Is that a requirement or am i able to design the card as I wish?


Thnx in advance for any and all replies.  :-)


  • Melisa
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    Please note that it is not possible for our cardholders to customize their own Payoneer card.

    However, there are some partners (paying companies) that offer a branded card.


    Payoneer Director of Community 


  • Glenn Hill
    Glenn Hill Member Posts: 3

    Thnx Melisa for your reply. Was just wondering is all. Too bad though because the custom cards really look good. Take care and thnx again.

  • Nissim
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    Hi Glen,


    Just to update, the custom card design is not an option for the payees to choose. If you are signing up as a partner of ours and want to send out payments using our service, you will have the option to set a custom card design or thermal design.


    Once you proceed with the partner application process, just ask the sales representative about options for card designs. The website link under the cardholder name is the "2nd embossing line" and this can also be customized.


    There is a process for both options (branded and thermal) and cost involved. The sales representative will be able to further explain that once you begin the process.


    If you are indeed signing up as a partner of us and would like to send me an e-mail with your company information (e-mail, company name) I'd be happy to follow up and make sure a sales representative gets back to you as soon as possible.