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My Google adsense account is based in Hong Kong and the payment options only allow local bank and checks.

I know it's not a Payoneer issue but do you have a link or email address from Google I can contact them, I can't find anything from Google themselves.


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    As you mentioned, while Payoneer does accept payments from Google via our US Payment Service, you need to have the option to receive payments via US Direct Deposit. Google may restrict your payment options to local bank transfers only, in which case you would be unable to receive payments to Payoneer.


    I would very much suggest that you visit this topic on the Google product forum and leave your feedback:!msg/adsense/r_NC76UHrfw/Dd89wIaQ1rkJ

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    Looks like Google has no plans to add Payoneer (USPS) for countries outside of the US. Oh well ....