Still i did not get your card on my Hand

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Dear sir / Madam,

Still i did not  get your card on my  Hand. so please  confirm me which address you send  my card and which date?
you have  any option to send  this card by  any courier service like Fedex or DHL if its possible how i pay and how much? if my card shipping lost this time so am i again apply  another  address by i use this same email address? its almost 30 days gone so am i again apply for this card? i need to transfer money immediately so please answer me as soon as possible then its very helpful for me.2nd june2013 i send same email to [email protected] but  not getting any reply.
Waiting your respond please.

S.M.Zafrul Hasan



  • Nissim
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    You will need to contact our customer support department for assistance with this issue. E-mails take several days to review, however you can also contact them via telephone or live chat for immediate assistance.