Atm Money Stuck - Payoneer Balance Deducted

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07 June 2013 on Friday i tried to withdraw 20,000 PKR ($214.55) from MCB (Muslim Commercial Bank, Karachi, Pakistan) ATM. ATM machine was malfunctioned, My card was captured by machine and there is no cash from ATM.

I have collected the card from MCB Bank representative. After checking Online balance and transactions, i have seen that the balance has been deducted from the card.

Disputed Transaction Details Are:

Date: 6/6/2013 10:22:19 PM 
Auth Number: 60588740
Terminal Id: 060700001647

ATM Withdrawal International 
Local Currency Amount: 20000.0000 PKR 
Amount to charge: $214.55 (Including fees of $2.15)

I went to the bank on the next day and they have asked me to consult your bank in order to file a dispute. Please help me regarding this issue.

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  • Melisa
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    Hi! Please contact out Customer Support team so they can provide you with the dispute form in order to start the dispute process.


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    I've the same exact problem the ATM deducted $194 then given me error can not connect to your bank


    Now month already gone since i filled my dispute form and the money is in Pre Authorize Transactions List.


    Reference number: LTK121530575363X


    How long does it takes in average to get funds back ?

  • Melisa
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    Please note that the dispute process can take up to 90 days as advised by our relevant department since we need to allow the merchant a certain time frame to reply to the dispute request.

    Once the dispute process is over, our relevant department will update you :thumbsu:


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