Straight Way a direct question to Admin. i am old 1st member when payoneer..

keshab.nayak Member Posts: 5

my email is 

[email protected]******.com


admin can find my email.


i signed up in this network in the 1st ,when payoneer newly started. and i did it through odesk .


but sad news is My account is not active now ,.i cant login find my password also . they removed ,,,


i went to paypal because ,u had some issues with rbi of india ..


this the same email adress was of signed up .

please activate it , now i have some work on it.


and and also india is not listed in signup forms ..


i think its shuted down the issues with rbi ,... what ever i want to transfer some money to my local bank in india ...let me know it can be happen or not....


please ,i dont visit here often....  so when reply ,please drop a reply in my email .

plz drop a email when u reply


  • Melisa
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    Indeed as you mention, due to RBI regulations, we cannot issue the Payoneer card to Indian residents.

    However, you can sign up for our Global Bank Transfer Service to have funds from our official partners transferred directly to your bank account.

    For further information regarding our GBT Service please click here.


    Payoneer Director of Community 


  • keshab.nayak
    keshab.nayak Member Posts: 5

    yeah , i got the gbt ... but i have some problem... i cant sign up cuz india in not in signup list country ..


    so what i want to tell you ,i had a older account in name of  keshab.nayak[at] gmail    .com .  

    so please activate that account . because i can login on that account .  i waas not using that long before . so please renable it .



    thanks in advance .

  • Melisa
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    Hi! I have sent you a PM to further assist you :thumbsu:


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