How to connect second card to payment site old cancel old account without old login?

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I can't understand why Payoneer doesn't want to help me with a card cancellation.


1. I've got an old - cancelled - card from iStockPhoto - I CANT remebmer LOGIN and PASS of this old cancelled card and account - important!

2. I received a NEW card form Payoneer several days ago with a new account and login/pass

3. Payoneer doesn't want to cancel old card account, they ask me to do this through my old login/pass - which I DONT remember - it was 3 years ago!


When I request a payment from iStock - iStock displays error - card cancelled call Payoneer.


Why Payoneer sends a new card which I just cant connect with iStock site? Why Payoneer keeps my old account when card was cancelled couple years ago?


Payoneer has my name, card number, iStock data and treats me like a anonymous person. Why?


Any advise?




  • Nissim
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    Hi Marek,


    Please send me a PM with your e-mail (As listed on the new account) and I will pass this issue on to a customer support supervisor.

  • marek
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    They didnt understand:( Poor Support:(

    TWO cards: one cancelled and one, NEW active card.

    I cant make payment because Payoneer cant reconnect Partner site with a new card. They persist to ask me to send a request from old, cancelled card accopunt to which I dont have a login and password - just forgot this.


    Now my new card and account is useless:(

  • Nissim
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    I replied to your PM