Card hacked 2 times in the last year

Last April my card was hacked to the tune of $700, it took them 6 months to return my money and even then I was told the fraud dept would not get back to payoneer and they were doing it out of a curtesy to me for waiting so long. So tonight I go on to check my account like I do 2 times a day since my card had been compromised and I see $2000 taken out if my account all fraudulent transactions from an Italy based website which is probably a cover up for the hackers. I got on the phone with payoneer immediately! Was told I had to fill out the same forms and possibly wait 3 plus months for my money back! I am out of work this was all the money I had left in my account!!! I'm now currently waiting for a supervisor to call me mind you it's now 1:33am in the us btw not Italy!! I will not wait 3 months for my money back I will file a court case and get a lawyer. This is more than ridiculous!!!! 2 times in the last 14 months is unacceptable!!! Payoneer be warned you will be sued!!!! This much u can promise! If this was a bank I would have my money back in 3 days tops!!! Once my money us back in my hands I will not be doing any further business with payoneer and I will instruct everyone to stay clear of this card if you plan on having more than $500 in your account at a time. There is absolutely no reason a person who has been a customer for 3 years should have to go through this process not once but twice within the last year!! Those are clearly fraudulent purchases if you people can't see that you are blind I live in the USA not Italy!!!!!! I want my money back ASAP or this is going to court period.


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    This is not 100% Payoneer fault.


    Every card holder are demanded to maintain their security, keep your credential and don't share it with other.

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    When an unauthorized charge is made to your card, Payoneer must follow strict procedures when filing a dispute. We are required to give the merchant in question a minimum amount of time to review the dispute and respond, for which reason disputes take time to process. 


    We will do everything we can to assist you in retrieving the funds, but unfortunately the process does take some time.

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    So an update, as of right now this morning I received an email from Ray from payoneer who told me the chargeback dept. had denied my dispute meaning they won't give me my $701 back, so I called and explained that I contacted the web site these charges we're made on and even spoke to a rep for merdianafly (this is a plane ticket site) I was told today to send them all of those emails. Diana and myself had been speaking via email back and forth for a couple days and she basically told me there was nothing she could do to reserve said charges on my account. Ok I did everything I could and left it in payoneer so hands. This all happened in June 10th 2 days after my bfs uncle passed away from cancer. Let me back track btw u sent my emails to Diana, to payoneer long ago! So I have to send them again. So I did and now was told I have to wait the weekend and will hear from them next week.
    I'm highly disappointed in Payoneer and MasterCard for the way they handle these disputes. I was instructed to open a case with the better business bureau but am waiting till next week in hopes payoneer issues me a refund. If not then I will have to file a law suite. Sadly this is what it's coming down too. I do not keep much money in my account anymore and only use my card to withdraw and put right into my bank account.

    I hope payoneer and MasterCard come to the correct conclusion as I did not make those charges or authorize those charges in any way!!
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    i want to know if you ever got any money back. the same thing happened to me, my info was stolen twice in 5 months, around $4000 was stolen from my so far and i'm afraid of not getting my money back.