Payoneer Card Renewal

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Payoneer advised me to renew my card because it is expiring in July 2013 and as a good member I followed the advice.


Prior to renewal I used my old card and made more than 3 purchases between 01 to 31 May 2013.  

Later on I received my new card and had it activated via payoneer site.  The old card was blocked and my new card was ready for use.  I recall reading in the website (while I was working on the renewal) that transactions or records will be carried over to the new card or account.


But lo and behold.  On June 1, Payoneer charged me with maintenance fee of $3.00 when in fact it should be charging me only $1.00.  Remember,  I made 2+ purchases for the previous month (May) per my old card.


I submitted a dispute but contact person said in his email to me that I am charged $3.00 for May because the card I am using now (the new one) does not indicate purchases/transactions. 


This is absurd! I am not a banker but I know that when you renew a card or bank book, past transactions are carried over to the new account.  Payoneer can transfer the new balance but it can't transfer records of previous transactions (like client purchases) so charging of fees are correct and in order???


The amount I am disputing may be small $2.00 but I demand an explanation why this is so. There is something quite wrong here.  


Maybe I shouldn't have renewed my card but then I was just following Payoneer's advice!









  • Nissim
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    Hi Blesilda,


    You are of course correct and I do apologize for the confusion. Please send me a PM, with your Payoneer e-mail address, and I will make sure the difference in monthly charge is refunded to your card.

  • Blessie
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    Thank you Nissim for responding right away. It's good to see that the refund is already reflected in my account.


    I think this forum helped speed up processing of my concerns. Thanks again!

  • cytivrat
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    Looks like it is a bug in payment system. I've been charged twice because of renewal, $1 on June 1st, and $3 on Just 14th just after new card activation. Lets see what payoneer support will answer within their two business days.

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    Hello guys,


    I got renewal card today, thank you !


    so how can i active this new card and cancell the old one? 





  • Nissim
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    You can sign in to your My Account page and activate the new card. Once it has been activated our system will automatically cancel the old card and transfer any available balances and payment methods to the new card.


  • Urfi649
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    Hello guys.
    yesterday when i logged in into my payoneer account, i saw a link that "your card has been expired". I submitted a request for new card. My question is that when will i get my new card? i mean when will i receive it at home? I am from Pakistan. Anyone have experience?
  • smooth23
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    my card is int the way to be expired within 2 month but I can't see the URL to request a new one, I contact the support team but they just respond with an automatic e-mail, please tell me how to fix this issue, thanks for your great help
  • HKPS_kodikara
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    can you please tell me why, my payoneer account card annual maintenance fee deducted twice the same year? I cant see any gap of 1 year between the two transaction dates..

    My account email is : [email protected]