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nougoum Member Posts: 3

I added my payoneer card to facebook and after 30 min they suspend my account for unusual activities ,


i send them an email but they respond :


"Our records indicate that your payments account was disabled due to suspected fraudulent activity. In the interest of protecting our users, we will not be able to reenable your payments account. This decision is final.



 is there anything i can do ? i dont do anything wrong i even not make any ads , please help i really need that




  • joglomedia
    joglomedia Member Posts: 15 ✭✭

    is your card has been loaded or not?

  • Nissim
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    It is highly unlikely that your Facebook payments account status is in any way related to the Payoneer card, as we have many account holders using their cards on Facebook. Most likely there is some other issue that has caused Facebook to take such action, and I recommend contacting their customer support department for assistance with the issue.

  • nougoum
    nougoum Member Posts: 3

    yes my card loaded 500$